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One.gen/0,1 is the newest development of Prima Derm. Cutting edge technology applied to cosmetics. Through genetic analysis, an exclusive and unique personalized genetical DNA study is carried out and a staggering amount of 35 SNP’s related to skin aging are analysed. SNPs determine how prone the skin is to wrinkles, oxidative damage, collagen breakdown, photoaging, etc. By determining SNP’s we are able to know your skin’s overall health and wellness.  PrimaDerm offers a clinical cosmetogenomic solution by producing a customized cutaneous care program that offers maximum performance and guaranteed success. 

Channel to market: Estheic and Dermatological clinics and skin therapeuts.

Línea SingulaDerm Xpert Facial


The SingulaDerm brand provides the skincare market with a range of products, based on many years and investment in research under the concept of Molecular Cosmetics; the use of molecules that repair the skin and prevent aging. One molecule to solve one specific problem.

With the highest concentration of Active Ingredients available in the market, SingulaDerm follows a policy based on developing top quality products, at affordable prices.

Molecular cosmetics researches the metabolic processes of the skin to develop intelligent molecules such as peptides, glycoproteins and organic molecules that imitate skin functions that deteriorate with the passing of time.  

Channel to market: Estheic and Dermatological clinics, skin therapeuts and selected pharmacies.

In 2012 Prima Derm launched Skin Method, a combination of its scientific background with accessible glamour and prestige. Design and elegant black and silver gray packaging containing high qualitative products made out of the most effective active ingredients. Will be available in the Benelux as from last quarter of 2013.

Channel to market: Perfumeries and selected drugstores.